Management Consulting

Tribeca Leadership supports clients through three service areas – we help them develop and carry out leadership communications, cross cultural services, and client pursuit strategies. Our clients include some of the largest services companies in the U.S.

Today’s executive suites and workplaces are international and diverse. They require leaders with cross cultural appreciation and skill. The professionals of Tribeca Leadership support companies as they grow and team across borders or integrate following transactions.


Our own CEO, Paul Marinaccio, has lived and worked in Asia and North America and built international teams across borders. And our affiliate consultants located throughout the world speak a multitude of languages and are on the front lines of helping clients leverage cultural differences and similarities. Tribeca Leadership’s approach to leveraging cultural differences is drawn from the influential work of Philippe Rosinski, our European affiliate consultant. Philippe is the author of the groundbreaking books “Coaching Across Cultures: New Tools for Leveraging National, Corporate, and Professional Differences,” and “Global Coaching,” and creator of the Cultural Orientations Framework, a cutting edge assessment and development system utilized by Tribeca Leadership.


Our coaches and organization specialists work with senior leaders to build rapport and alignment virtually and in person, the foundation for results. Philippe Rosinski’s Cultural Orientation Framework and global coaching process underpin our coaching and training in this area.


Tribeca Leadership professionals base their alignment efforts on the leveraging of cultural differences and similarities. Rosinksi’s model acts as a map to help leaders and their personnel assess cultural orientation along categories such as time management and notions of territories and boundaries. The result is constructive conversations and decisions that downplay stereotypes and focus on results.


Strategies for closing big sales and promoting an enterprising culture. Companies have high expectations for their leaders when it comes to strategizing on big proposals and guiding all parties to success. Tribeca Leadership’s strategists can help top executives create an environment for success with new engagement management systems and training programs. And once the big opportunity is at hand, our pursuit and presentation coaches help everyone stay on track with strategy, messaging, and presentation delivery.


Our affiliate consultants are trained in voice and speech for their work with clients from North America, Europe and Asia who are seeking to address dialects and attain clarity in speech.


More than the right greeting. The affiliated consultants of Tribeca Leadership throughout the world can counsel, coach and train executives on business practices in many of the world’s major business centers.

Tribeca Leadership specializes in helping CEOs, presidents, board chairs and other business leaders drive engagement, culture change and business results through communications.


The most effective leadership communications are strategic and reflect authentic values and clear goals. Effective communicators are in tune with the rising expectations of the business public, clients, government and employees that they be candid, clear and responsive. Getting this right involves a mix of communications planning, talent development and skilled execution. That’s why Tribeca Leadership takes a team approach – coaches, trainers, strategists and writers – to support top executives. We do so in partnership with their communications, talent and marketing leaders, and learn from one another along the way.


After all the research has been compiled, sometimes the best next step is to bring in independent eyes and ears. A Tribeca Leadership facilitator can help a leader utilize those findings to identify and describe a new direction – or sometimes better articulate the current one. We can also help companies and organizations translate that vision into messaging and delivery strategies ranging from in-person speeches to electronic communications and social media campaigns.


Communications excellence is the foundation of corporate programs to inform, persuade and inspire one’s own leadership team or that of a client. Executives must be patient active listeners who demonstrate insight and acumen while conveying confidence, handling resistance and embracing challenging questions. Their presentations must be strategic and their audience analysis precise. Tribeca Leadership designs coaching and  training programs for individuals and teams utilizing adult learning theory and latest applications from research in communications, neuroscience, and energy psychology.


Of all the public stakeholders who can make or break corporate reputation and business objectives, the media remains among the most important. Engaging the media is an art and a science, and Tribeca Leadership’s communications trainers bring decades of experience from public relations agencies, corporate communications and journalism.


It’s more than a good press release – leading an organization through a crisis involves clear-eyed planning, conviction, truthfulness, responsiveness and most of all, effective and timely communication. Tribeca Leadership’s professionals have helped organizations through physical and financial crises to emerge sound and profitable.

You may call it consultative selling, relationship marketing or business development. At Tribeca Leadership we call it client pursuit – the activities that set you apart and win business. We are a full service executive coaching and leadership development organization that specializes in challenges that fall at the intersection of talent and business development.


To help you win business, we provide end-to-end support to in areas such as:


  • Identifying your value proposition with clients
  • Competitive analysis
  • Sales strategy development
  • Targeting
  • Proposal development
  • Pitch and oral presentation development and rehearsal


And we specialize in supporting leaders in the critical final days before a major pitch in the following ways:


Helping the executive responsible for the account by reviewing the pitch, assessing the readiness of the team and strategizing on the opportunity.


Clarifying key messages, determining roles and responsibilities, creating the execution plan, and, as needed, writing, editing and designing materials.


Helping the leader organize and run several rehearsals, focusing on areas of improvement and enhancing the team’s confidence and ability to handle tough questions.

Our pursuit advisors are a group of leadership coaches and communications strategists in New York and Chicago who have helped professional and financial services organizations win hundreds of millions of dollars in recent years.

Is your company facing specific challenges achieving your executive leadership and management goals? Tribeca Leadership’s experts can build a solution tailored to fit your needs.