Executive Coaching & Training

Company-sponsored coaching for executives and managers is among the most effective leadership development strategies to enhance organizational and marketplace success.

Tribeca Leadership provides executive coaching & training services to several of the world’s largest professional and financial service firms.

Tribeca Leadership’s approach to executive coaching includes the development of specific goals for the coaching client, and the engagements are aligned with the objectives of the client’s company and supervisors.

As a group, our coaches have decades of experience with all professional approaches, including those that focus on behavioral change, cross-cultural effectiveness, skill enhancement, and team cohesiveness.


A service for when personnel are new to an organization or assuming greater responsibilities. We coach clients on personal and professional effectiveness as they plan and tackle their first-year objectives in areas such as building internal support networks, creating and leading teams, aligning with organizational strategy, and winning business.


For talented managers and executives who are viewed as key to the current and future success of an organization. Coaching for this purpose is designed to maximize the executives’ contributions and position them for career-enhancing assignments or eventual promotion. Our approach includes structured feedback process, assessments, and action plans.


Designed for individuals or groups. Skills coaching focuses on the glue that holds together an executive’s leadership and professional success. Categories include communications excellence, negotiation, strategic planning, time management, negotiation, delegation, conflict management, performance management, and mentoring or coaching others.


Our coaches bring significant experience in the areas of visioning, goal-setting, team building, conflict management and alignment. They work with a variety of social, cultural and psychodynamic styles.


Executives must be patient active listeners who demonstrate insight and acumen while conveying confidence, handling resistance and embracing challenging questions. Their presentations must be strategic and their audience analysis precise. Tribeca Leadership designs coaching and  training programs for individuals and teams utilizing adult learning theory and latest applications from research in communications, neuroscience, and energy psychology.


We all know how very important it is to express ourselves with consistent excellence. Tribeca Leadership’s team of communications coaches can help you inform, persuade and inspire as a public speaker, team leader and presenter.


Drawing on their experience with top executives and leaders in the public eye, Tribeca Leadership coaches help their clients understand the specific value they bring to their roles and how to convey that value through words, action and appearance.

Is your company facing specific challenges achieving your executive leadership and management goals? Tribeca Leadership’s experts can build a solution tailored to fit your needs.