What We Do

Helping companies, executives, and entrepreneurs find their voice and place in an increasingly complex world.

Executive Coaching + Training

Company-sponsored coaching and training are among the most effective leadership development strategies to bring about  organizational and marketplace success.

Management Consulting

Tribeca Leadership helps develop and carry out leadership communications, cross cultural services, and client pursuit strategies. Our clients include some of the largest companies in the U.S.

Business Transformation

The objective is to create a path to sustained, profitable growth. Our clients include global companies in professional services,  real estate, manufacturing, engineering and insurance.

Our Work

Tribeca Leadership professionals can bring out the best in a company’s executive ranks and workforce – as well as to the systems and processes they use.

Affinity Group Marketing

Affinity-group marketing has led to significant growth for insurance companies. When consumers buy insurance through a membership organization – whether a university alumni association or a social, sports or cause-related group – they tend to be more loyal than the typical insurance customer, and more open to new product offerings. Tribeca Leadership worked with the executive team responsible for the affinity sector at a major insurance company. Faced with intensifying pressure from low-cost, transaction-driven competitors, the team had recently adopted a new strategy.


Is your company facing specific challenges achieving your leadership and management goals? Tribeca Leadership’s experts can build a solution tailored to fit your needs.

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